So What’s The Cost?

How much are photo booth rentals? When you request a quote from vendors you probably get numbers thrown at you from different parts of the spectrum and it can get very overwhelming. 

You’re probably thinking what is the average price for a photo booth? I’m pretty sure most people would just go with the cheapest quote given and think that would be the best. In all honesty that’s what I would’ve done. But I want to give you guys a better look at the different prices out there and why the price range is so different when it comes to photo booths. 

On they stated “most couples in the U.S. spend between $425 to $1,000 on wedding rentals, with photo booth starting prices coming in at about $551 for a three hour package. It’s a little more than our standard price but is reasonable for a good quality photo booth. We’ve personally seen prices ranging from $295 for 4 hours to the highest we’ve seen up in the $1,000s for 3 hours since everyone’s minimum hour is different.

But based on weddingwire’s data that they’ve compiled the company who’s charging $295 for 4 hours is way below the average range of a photo booth. One is charging about $275 an hour and the other is charging $73. Doesn’t it make you wonder why that company is charging so low for their services. There is so much to incorporate when owning an event service company from paying employees, gas, licence, and ect. It can raise a red flag in the sense of why it is so cheap and how they are even surviving. Either they’re barely getting by or the most common reason is it might lack in quality.

The quality of those booths will not be the quality you think you’ll be receiving. For companies to charge that low they would have to substitute certain things like a camera. Instead of a camera they would use a tablet. There’s nothing wrong with tablets but the quality of the photo might not be the sharpest quality. Another thing we’ve noticed is the lighting and we’ve talked about this in a previous blog but that would be another reason for the price being so low. 

A tragic event happened to this lady on a Facebook party group page. She was venting about how her photo booth vendor never came to her event and she never got her deposit back. And man, those types of people really ruin it for the rest of us who are legit and actually want our clients to have an amazing experience. This one person can steer her away from getting a photo booth for all of her future parties. But the first thing people asked her in the comment section was, “how much did you pay”. We don’t remember the exact price but it was definitely less than 200 for TWO HOURS. People responded to her telling her that the prices were WAY too cheap and that itself should’ve been a sign of a scam. But she didn’t know the average price of a photo booth and that’s the reason why I wanted to write a quick article regarding it. 

Have a great and safe week everyone!

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