Capturing Moments ~

Crafting Memories

where every snapshot tells a story, and every click captures a memory to last a lifetime.

The beginning

Our journey began in the vibrant month of ~ September 2014 ~ fresh out of high school, with a camera, a vision, and a passion for preserving precious moments.

The Dream

Duo Behind

the Lens

The story

Meet Permata Sihombing and Melvin Adame, two high school sweet hearts turned entrepreneurial visionaries. Their synergy and shared love for photography ignited the creation of 29PM Photo Booth. Starting from the warm and joyful gatherings of their own families, they quickly became the storytellers of countless events, weaving their magic into friends’ celebrations and, soon after, into the hearts of clients far and wide.

More Than Just Photos

We’re not just about taking pictures. We’re about ~ the experience ~ the laughter, the silly poses, the tender moments, and the spontaneous fun. Our core beliefs are rooted in connection, creativity, and celebration.




Looking Through the ~

Lens of Tomorrow

As we click forward, our vision is clear: to be the pulse of every party, the sparkle in every celebration, and the heartbeat of every gathering. We’re not just creating photos; we’re framing your joy, one click at a time.

29PM Photo Booth ~

Where Memories Click