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Green Hedge Wall Rental Agreement

Terms & Conditions:

Hedge Wall rental is for a full day. Rental will be delivered at on . We will set up the green hedge wall at . Any change on the date will be a $20 fee (unless the situation has to do with COVID-19). 29PM Events agrees to deliver Hedge Wall promptly and coordinate with Signee at the most convenient time for both parties. Signee is responsible that the hedge wall stays safe from damage. Hedge Wall must be placed on a flat surface. Signee must submit a valid identification card for security purposes for our rentals. The Hedge Wall must be handled and moved by experienced personnel only. Moving and handling Hedge Wall increases the risk of rental getting damaged.


Cost & Payment:

$135 rental price within 5 miles Upland, California. The rental price is a per-day basis. Every mile outside of the 5 miles is an extra $2/mile fee unless otherwise told. Your Hedge Wall will be delivered to . A 50% deposit hold will not be refunded if Signee cancels prior to the event. We are offering credit for any of our services if the event is canceled or postponed due to all the uncertainty. The remaining total rental fee must be paid with cash or check. Signee will pay a $20 fee for any returned checks.

The total amount for the service is $165. The deposit has been paid on , through Venmo/Zelle/Credit Card. The remaining balance is due the day of delivery at the latest.



Signee is responsible for any damage to or loss of the Hedge Wall from the time it is delivered until it is picked up. Our hedge wall must have no alterations of any kind such as tacking, stapling, sewing, or painting. If the hedge wall is damaged, the client will be billed for repair or replacement costs. 



This rental agreement is for the duration that the hedge wall is away from 29PM Events. Since our other customers will need the hedge wall for their event/s, prompt return of the hedge wall is extremely important. Accordingly, items picked up late due to Signee’s fault will be invoiced $70.00 for each day late.

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Signed by Melvin Adame
Signed On: May 10, 2024

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